Top 10 Ways You Can Help:

1) Canvass! Knock on some doors with us. Learn how to use MiniVan and help us save paper and get great data!

2) Join our phone bank and make some calls! Let us know if you can help any day of the week with a phone bank!

3) Take a sign and ask a neighbour to take a sign! Let’s paint Toronto-Danforth red!

4) Do a literature drop! Help us share Li’s message with your neighbours.

5) Feed our volunteers! Like to cook or shop? Great, bring that deliciousness here to the office!

6) Donate to the campaign! Help keep the campaign running!

7) Sign-up to GOTV (Get Out the Vote) on E-day and scrutineer! We need to get EVERY Liberal voter to the polls on June 7th!

8) Bring a friend! The more the merrier!

9) VOTE in the advanced polls! Vote early so you can help on E-day.

10) Follow Li on Twitter and Facebook and like and share her content!

Li cares deeply about diversity, fairness, and opportunity for everyone in Ontario.

Li is an educator, advocate, and parent who brings success and skills from the non-profit, government, corporate, and culture sectors.

She holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Toronto’s OSIE and is a Professor at George Brown College, where she teaches communications. She’s also led education programs at the Smithsonian in D.C.

Li is a second generation Chinese Canadian with family roots in India.

Li advocated for increased access to justice for vulnerable and newcomer communities as a Senior Advisor at the Government of Ontario and Legal Aid Ontario.

She continues to be an engaged member of the Refugee Committee at the Metropolitan United Church, The 519, and the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists.

Li lives in Pape Village with her spouse and daughter.

Welcome @YvanBaker4EC to @TorDanPLA #agm. So many new faces joining us for the #OLPrebuild! @OntLiberal @OYLorg @OYLRecharge

Silencing your critics is @fordnation 's MO. Silencing the voices of those who seek to protect Ontario's most vulnerable children and youth is another thing all together. It is shameful and the decision must be reversed #ONpoli #ONfr

Thanks for sharing this. It's so important to reflect upon these feelings and experiences of marginalization and to hold space for the discomfort of knowing it happens. There is a lot of unconscious bias and recognizing this is the first step.

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting Nov 20th at 7pm at Frankland Community Centre (816 Logan) featuring former MPP Yvan Baker as a Guest Speaker #TorDan #OLP

It's official! #SantaClausParadeTO kicks off the winter season. A cup of hot chocolate, double layers and we are ready for #SantaClaus #HOHOHO

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There’s a cost to everything. You can help Li feed her volunteers, pay for printing costs, and get things done!