Liberal Candidate Li Koo Speaks Out to Protect the Greenbelt

Liberal candidate for Toronto-Danforth MPP, Li Koo, is taking a stand to defend Ontario’s Greenbelt after concerning revelations came to light Monday about Conservative leader Doug Ford’s secret agreement with developers to pave and develop it.

“As a resident of Toronto-Danforth, I know that my neighbours and I cherish our green spaces. Selling off and paving over the Greenbelt is reckless and out of touch with communities like ours. Our green spaces are a big part of what makes Toronto-Danforth so livable and vibrant, and are why so many people choose to live here to raise their families. My experience working in renewable energy showed me the vital link between our health, our economy and the environment,” Koo said.

The Liberal Party has committed to expanding the Greenbelt, and protecting Ontario’s valuable forests and farmland. “Unfortunately,” said Koo, “Doug Ford has shown that he is willing to bulldoze over communities for private interests.”

Further, Liberal candidate Koo raised serious concerns about Conservative leader Doug Ford’s sudden reversal of his policy, saying: “It deeply worries me that Ford would say one thing in private and something else in public – what happens behind closed doors and what happens in the spotlight seem to be different things. Torontonians deserve better than that.”

“As MPP, I will be a new voice in politics who will fight for more green spaces and more affordable housing options right here in Toronto-Danforth,” said Koo. “It is so much harder to build up than it is to cut down. We need a plan for Ontario that builds Ontario up and invests in its people. The Ontario Liberal is just that: a plan for care over cuts.” Since creating it in 2005, the Ontario Liberal Government has expanded the Greenbelt to protect green spaces in communities all across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Doug Ford’s secret back-room plan to pave over countless farms, wetlands and forests would be a disaster for our environment and forever change the character of our local neighbourhoods.


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Jacqueline Tasca, Li Koo for Toronto-Danforth Campaign

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